Secrets in Clash of Clans

Secrets in Clash of Clans

Secrets in Clash of Clans

The secrets in Clash of Clans are the things to know if you wnat to be a top player

Use Your Barracks to Save Elixir

You know your barracks trains troops, but did you know it also can act as a bank? You can queue up troops for production for when you’re off-line, when you do so, you’re effectively removing your elixir from your village. This means that even when you’re off-line, you can protect your resources. When you log back in, just cancel production (there’s no penalty for doing so) and you’ll recover the number of elixirs you’d ‘spent’ on producing those units!
Know Thy Enemy (and how much you can steal from them)
An age old adage, no surprise that it’s as effective in a war game as it is in real war. There are several factors that determine how much of your opponent’s resources you can take from them, but the most important one is the level of their Town Hall.

Here’s why:

If your opponent’s town hall is within one level of your own, you’ll be getting 100% of whatever you can raid from their stores. However if your opponent is 2 levels above you, you’ll get 125% of what you’d be able to raid from them, if you’re 3 levels under them, you’ll get 150% of your usual booty.

The fun starts when they try to revenge raid you, they’ll get 50 or even 25% of what they normally would because of your level difference.

Revenge For Fun and Profit

There’s no getting around it, you’re going to be attacked when your shield is down, you’re off doing something else or just plain busy. When you get back, you’ll be rewarded with an opportunity. Yes, you village may be in shambles, but you can commit an act of revenge against them.
This is almost the ultimate Clash of Clans cheat in that it allows you to look at their village before attacking. You can lay out a plan and prepare your troops (like training units specifically to deal with theirs). What you’re going to look for are those players who attacked you with a few units and gave up. These people, called ‘farmers’ are the most likely to have huge resource stockpiles. Just wait for them to log off or lower their shield and before you know it you’ll be rolling in gems and elixir.
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Secrets in Clash of Clans

Use Your Town Hall to Your Advantage
Now this one is going to sound strange, but bear with it. This Clash of Clans cheat requires a little patience and being a little sneaky but it’s so worth it. Put your Town Hall outside of your village.

Yes, you read that right. Don’t leave your Town Hall in the deepest part of your village, wave it outside like a steak in front of a hungry dog.

Here’s why

Whenever your Town Hall is attacked and destroyed, you get a 12 hour shield. Buying shields is expensive, so the best alternative is to loose intelligently. When you’re under the shield, you’ll be able to gather resources with virtual impunity.

What about your trophies? Don’t worry, the farmers who attack you will leave you some as you mow them down. For your part in it, you can raid on opponents like yourself to gather more. There’s another option, too. Let’s talk real Clash of Clans cheats.

Don’t Play Fair

This should come as no surprise, your enemies aren’t going to play fair and neither should you. Use traps, use your village as a weapon and your Town Hall as the ultimate bait. The farmers will not only never see it coming, they’ll actually wind up feeding you trophies!

Supercell gives you so many options it’s not funny, but the most powerful is the element of surprise. When you use traps or the Hidden Tesla, your opponents won’t see them when they’re looking at your village. They’ll have only moments to plan their attack and without knowing where your defenses are, they’re flying blind.

Here’s how to use the Secrets in Clash of Clans for you:
Many people find it hard to coordinate multiple avenues of approach, plan a raid and make effective moves. Use this to your advantage. Abuse your opponent’s psychological weaknesses. This isn’t a Clash of Clans cheat so much as good practice. Set up weaknesses in your walls and hammer them with bombs.

Set your Town Hall outside your village and surround it with Teslas in order to crush would-be attackers. Understand this is a game about raiding, so defenders are usually at a disadvantage, but if you plan your defenses wisely and deploy them intelligently, you’ll be able to make a mess out of your attackers’ plans and, if you’ve really done your job, opponents will think twice before launching another raid. This gives you time to launch a counter attack!

It’s time to stop being a victim of farmers and people who’re willing to pay to win a social game. Seriously, if you implement even a hand full of these techniques into your Clash of Clans cheat strategies, you’ll be on your way to plowing through the hordes in no time at all.

Secrets in Clash of Clans