How to create the perfect base in Clash Of Clans

how to create the perfect base in clash of clans

How to create the perfect base in Clash Of Clans

Initially when starting with Clash of Clans, its not much required to have a good base as there is lack of stuff and defenses. So the question is still How to create the perfect base in Clash of Clans. However, from Town Hall Level 4 onward, You should start to plan for protecting those precious Gold and Elixir  from raiders which steals away them from you everytime your army is away.

How to create The Perfect Base in Clash Of Clans ?

Here’s how to start building your base :

Types of bases

There are several types of bases and you can see them on youtube or other blogs. However, I’ll explain some of the most common types of bases here :

How to create the perfect base in Clash Of Clans

Cornered base: This base is in a corner and there are no walls at its back. These are usually built by inexperienced players who are not used to watching replays. It is the easiest to destroy and an easy win for you.

Packed base: This base is present in the lower levels and is the most enjoyable and easiest base to attack on. There is only one wall that protects this base and it is quite easy to break this wall letting the monsters in to attack and steal your gold and elixir.  So, it is considered a bad base.

Split base: This is another bad base which provides poor defense. The 2 adjoining parts of a base are either separate from each other or connected. They are too quite easily broken. However, they are better than the packed base.

Last base types

Pocketed Base: Its only good to use this base at level 6 or higher. Before that level, its not that effective.

Spiral base: This base is highly effective if properly planned before use. However, if not properly planned, it can prove to be a disastrous base. On the whole, its an effective base to reply upon.

Titanic base: It is termed as Titanic base because  it works on the Titanic type unsinkable technique, i.e, the other section helps the ship afloat if one section breaks. It is also known as Bulkhead Base. These are buildings surrounded by walls and packed closely together, likely not for symmetry lovers. If the enemy troops breaks the outer wall, they have to further break the inner walls to get in.

So, these were the most common type of bases in clash of clans. Find more Clash of Clans secrets here

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