Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans Guide

This Clash of Clans Guide is here to explain the first steps you have to do to become better in this great game.

Base Types

Well, the first step, in setting up a good base, is to work on deciding your goal.

Generally, bases are of 3 types (There is a fourth base as well but it is considered a bad base ).

1. Farming Base The aim of Farming base is to guard resources protect resources in order to increase the pace in which buildings can be upgraded by a player. Basically, its aim is to n help in progressing to Town Hall and Higher Levels.

2. Defense/Trophy-Hunting Base The aim of Defense Base is to achieve the highest possible Trophy count. As compared to the farming base, resource storage in the Defense Base is more susceptible to attacks.

3.Hybrid Base Hybrid Base helps in achieving the goals of both farming and defensive bases.The aim of this base is to protect both trophies and resources. Resources are sufficiently protected. The town hall is neither much centered nor completely exposed, in this base.

Base Design

Now as your goal is decided, its time to move on to create your base, which is the hardest part. The Base design and its principles are not much similar and have significant differences in them.

1. Farming Bases At the cost of trophies, this base aims to protect the storages. For the best results, the town hall should be entirely exposed because the trophy hunters are given greater incentives to attack Exposed town hall, and in turn you get free 12 hour shields.

2. Defensive Bases The most important objective here should be to protect your town hall. To ease that, Town Hall should be in the center. And to provide defense, Mortars and Wizard towers should be near the center too.

The next part is to decide whether you will have a defined center for your base or not. Usually, Town Hall 7 – 9 Players may or may not have centers and Town Hall 2 – 6 players would have. The plus point of having your bases at the center is that the giants first attack the useless buildings and your important buildings remain well protected at the center. However, there is a drawback too and its that one breach inb the center can destroy your entire base as all your important buildings reside there.

Revision and Upgrading

Revisions can be made to every base. To checkout where you went wrong or where you attacked the most, its best to watch battle replays. This way, you would be able to better decide where to place those defensive buildings and walls.

Also, make sure your base is strong. While you are making upgrades on the defensive buildings, try to place the upgraded buildings near the sides, so only the unimportant buildings are attacked by the Giants first.
And soon you will get more infos from this Clash of Clans Guide.

So, by now, you have gained enough skills to get better at Clash of Clans, through this basic clash of clans guide. Its time to get to play and have fun playing CoC. Before you will take action for the secrets in Clash of Clans.